Deliver powerful messages, product samples, CDs, literature, and coupons right to your target market’s doorsteps. AdBAGSTM was developed by Continental Products, the nation’s leading maker of newspaper bags. Whether it is a grand opening or new product launch, AdBAGSTM will work for you.

AdBAGSTM can be recycled. For more information, see our Recyclable Bag Fact Sheet.

There are virtually unlimited uses for newspaper advertising bags


  • Generate Traffic

    • Sales
    • Grand Openings
    • Special Events
    • Websites


  • Increase Awareness

    • Brands
    • New Products
    • Candidates
    • Political Issues




  • Promote Trial

    • Coupons
    • Samples
    • Discount Offers


  • Boost Interest

    • CDs
    • DVDs
    • Literature Inserts


Visit our AdBAGSTM website to learn more about our Eco-friendly Bags, Coupon Bags, and more!

Looking for our print specs? Download here.